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AP European History

Course Description:  This full-year course will chronologically survey the major events and patterns of European history beginning with the political, economic, social, and cultural changes of the Renaissance and ending with the very recent past.  Students will interpret and analyze information from the textbook as well as primary and secondary sources.  Students will do a considerable amount of reading and writing, much of it independently, throughout the course.

The curriculum is designed to coordinate with the requirements of the College Board Advanced Placement exam in European History.  Students are required to take the AP exam in May. While we will prepare for the exam, the course stands by itself as a valuable college preparatory experience. Students are expected to be prepared for class, maintain academic integrity, participate actively in class, and seek help when it is needed.


  • Tests & Essays 60%

  • Classwork 25%

  • Homework 15% (including reading quizzes)

Textbook & Resources:

Our textbook is McKay’s A History of Western Society. http://college.cengage.com/history/west/mckay/western_society/9e/student_home.html

The College Board website is useful.


SHS will provide you with a login to https://www.albert.io/ for practice assessments.

AP Review books are not required, but some have found Fast Track to a 5 or the Princeton Review book to be helpful.


  • Do your work, on time & with integrity.

  • Ask questions & seek help.

  • Participate & be enthusiastic.

  • Be respectful & listen.


  • No phones, headphones, or non-class Chromebook use.

  • Follow SHS Code of Conduct

  • When absent, make up work in a reasonable amount of time.


You should sign up for our Google Classroom and check your e-mail regularly.

THE Test: Wednesday, May 6, 2019