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World History

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This full-year survey of World History focuses on major political, economic, social, and cultural events and contributions from the Age of Global Encounters to the Modern World. The course will also build upon the narrative with skills essential to the student of history including critical thinking and problem solving, source interpretation and analysis, and writing.

Assignments and Assessments:

Students will be evaluated in a variety of ways. Students' grades will be based on homework (20%), class work and participation (20%), and quizzes, tests, and major assessments (60%). Late assignments will lose credit for each day they are late and will not be accepted after the close of a unit. Students are expected to demonstrate integrity and do all of their own work in their own words at all times. Any work determined to be non-original will receive a zero.


Students should have their Chromebooks available and charged for class. Use of Chromebooks should be limited to class activities, i.e. no games, videos, etc. Cell phone and headphones must be put away during class.

Students are also expected to join and regularly check the World History Google Classroom.


Students who are absent are expected to proactively gather missing work. Students will have a reasonable amount of time to make up classwork and homework.  All tests are announced well in advance; therefore, a student who is absent the day before a test will still take the test in class on the announced day.  A student who is absent the day of a test should see me to make arrangements to take the test during lunch or before or after school within a reasonable period of time.

Classroom Expectations:

Students are expected to work hard and put forth their best effort; be on time and prepared to work; respect themselves, their classmates, school staff, and our classroom; and to follow the SHS Student Code of Conduct at all times.


Students are encouraged to see me for assistance or clarification. Ms. Berberich’s office is between rooms 210 & 212; when possible, please arrange these meetings in advance. I check my e-mail until around 9 p.m. eberberich@summit.k12.nj.us.